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Transform Lives, Uplift Spirits! Embark on a Sacred Journey of Service!

Join our community to spread compassion and make a meaningful difference. Embrace the transformative power of volunteering and illuminate lives.”

Discover the joy and fulfillment of volunteering with us through this inspiring three-minute video. Watch now and see how you can be a part of something bigger.”

Find Your Calling: Volunteer Opportunities Await.

Explore a variety of roles tailored to your skills and interests.


From teaching yoga to community outreach, every effort counts.

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We welcome your skills including:

  • Yoga Instruction
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Kitchen & Hospitality
  • Administration
  • Marketing & Communications

We also welcome general volunteers who simply want to contribute positive energy in service of our community.


Help Spread Light Through Administrative Support:

  •  Assist with office tasks like data entry, mailings, phone calls, scheduling

 Event Support:

  • Help with setup, registration, ushering, tear down at events and programs.

Yoga Instruction:

  • Leading yoga classes for all levels.

Facilities Maintenance:

  • Help with cleaning, light repairs, gardening, etc.
  • General maintenance and repairs.

Kitchen & Hospitality:

  •  Preparing snacks, meals for retreats & events.
  •  Welcoming students, coordinating logistics.

Communications & Marketing:

  • Writing, social media, graphic design.
  •  Program Assistance:
  •  Support teachers, provide supplies, help set up and manage classes.

Content Development:

  • Research, write, and edit articles, social media posts, newsletters.

Graphic Design:

  • Create graphics, visuals, brochures, ads, infographics.


  •  Assist with video production, editing, audio recording, photography. 

Website and IT:

  • Help with web design, updates, maintenance, tech troubleshooting.

Social Media:

  • Manage social platforms, engage followers, create and schedule posts.


  • Spread awareness at local events, network, share collateral.


  • Assist with donation drives, campaigns, sponsor procurement.


  • Translate materials, interpret at events into different languages.

Committee Member:

  • Join a committee relevant to skills like marketing or finance.


  • Share professional expertise with those needing guidance.

Data Analysis:

  • Compile, organize, and analyze data to inform programs and strategy.


  • Deliver or support educational programs as an instructor.
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We’re excited to welcome you to our family.

Let us know what your preferences are. Our team is ready to assist you on your volunteering path!


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